Walk for the greater good



How much money did the GFW raise last year?
Over $21,000!
How many towns were represented at the Walk last year?
Which high school (from which town served by Loaves and Fishes) has a club which comes to walk at the GFW every year?
Littleton High School’s Humanitarian Club with Advisor Susan Harvey. This group has been a loyal supporter and contributor to the GFW for well over a decade!

Loaves & Fishes

What is the power of ‘One Green Bag’?
Loaves & Fishes is employing that Power!

It’s America’s first neighborhood-based food donation program! Every two months, volunteers go door-to-door, picking up food from their neighbors! It’s the easiest, most effective, most empowering way to organize support for local food banks and pantries. In 2014, the town of Groton began a pilot program engaging four neighborhoods. Today, they have over 25 neighborhoods with over 250 neighbors! Contact Loaves and Fishes if you’d like to get involved.

Sharing, Inc.

What are some examples of Sharing, Inc.’s works?
In the historic, all Black City of Mound Bayou, located in the Mississippi Delta help black youth are supported by a special “Summer Enrichment Program.” This program started 25 years ago and provides services and special projects for children and youth between the ages of 3 and 18. Here are some examples of things they do:

  • Basic skills enhancement in reading and math
  • Basic Computer skills
  • Storytelling and Poetry Read Out Loud
  • African Drum and Dance
  • Specialty Choirs (chorale training)
  • Shamokin Karate Club
  • Historical Sites Projects

This program has touched the lives of thousands of children and youth promoting the connection between self-esteem and cultural awareness as a means of achieving positive outcomes.

In addition, Sharing spreads its good works by supporting youth leadership programs to be skilled community-focused leaders to empower themselves and their communities to affect positive change. Sharing also helps support self-help, economic opportunities for many low-income communities across the South, by primarily assisting in land retention and farming co-ops for family farmers. 10% of the GFW proceeds go to Sharing, Inc.